The Garden

The garden at Rhyd-y-Fferm is unique in that it contains a number of rare and unusual tree species, many of which are beginning to approach maturity; it also has tremendous potential, as these specimen plants provide solid and exciting focal points from a design perspective.  Clever choice of plants and trees ensures that the garden has colour throughout the year.

There are a number of large magnolias, the magnolia soulangeana or Chinese magnolia is particularly impressive.  The shape and foliage of magnolias make them very attractive for underplanting and designing around; there are a number of smaller species which provide fantastic foliage contrast.  A cloud pruned pine and a Lebanese cedar are highlights of the conifer garden.

Especially rare is the Juglans mandshurica, the Manchurian Walnut, which is beginning to head towards maturity and is surrounded by an arboretum of different oak species. Near the lower pond the metasequoia glyptostrboides, dawn redwoods, rated as endangered by the IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature) also have a fantastic ability to become a focal point, reaching up to 50 metres plus at maturity.  Further interesting species include the Davidia involucrata, nyssa sinensis and a mature lime to name a few.

The herbaceous sections have some interesting plantings with great potential. The four rectangular beds near the geodesic glasshouse, which houses vines and apricot, are also spectacular.

This private garden offers extremely rich rewards rarely found outside of a botanic garden.





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